14 and 15 March 2014

Katrinamuri & Felicitas

song of myself or (m)other


The performance song of myself or (m)other revolves around being different as a distinction or devaluation, about otherness and holding your own at the start of adulthood and in the working world. It raises questions about the individual’s need for protection in the collective, about equal rights for people with disabilities and about the care expected from the state and one’s family.
Katrinamuri and her daughter “Natural Cindy” Felicitas provide intimate and very personal insights into their lives. In brut im Konzerthaus the two create a spatial installation from their everyday objects  that will serve as a performance space. Felicitas’s eyes, ears and brain were affected by a prenatal cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, which is the most common cause for congenital impairment of children worldwide. As its point of departure, the performance draws on the protocol of the monitoring committee that works on implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities which Austria ratified in 2006.

Austrian artist Katrinamuri has been working in the areas of performance, video and action art since the mid-1990s. She has toured with her works to international festivals and exhibitions, including ones in Chile, Estonia, Ecuador, Finland, Croatia and Mexico. This is Katrinamuri’s first appearance at brut. Her 16-year-old daughter Felicitas, aka “Natural Cindy”, attends school in Vienna and has previously (almost) only performed in private spaces.;

Performance Felicitas Wölger, Katrin Wölger, Elisabeth Laister, Angelika Seppi Assistance Katharina Wölger Translation Elisabeth Laister

A co-production of Katrinamuri and imagetanz/brut Wien.

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