15 March 2014

Nanopolitics group

Bodies in movement – reflections and tools from the nanopolitics handbook

15 bis 18 Uhr, in deutscher und englischer Sprache

Founded  in the United Kingdom in 2010, the Nanopolitics group proposes a workshop and book presentation as part of the imagetanz Festival. The event deals with questions of how to think politics with and through the body and addresses everyone interested in political and performative work.
On one hand, the Nanopolitics group focuses on politics as an embodied experience and examines the physical aspects of the neoliberal city, its workplaces and precarious living conditions. On the other hand, they explore tactile interpersonal relationships and the potential of alternative care networks beyond family structures. Based on the experiences and experiments of the Nanopolitics group, the nanopolitics handbook offers concepts and ideas as tools for action and raises awareness of  the above issues. In the workshop the Nanopolitics group “activates” the handbook, using methods such as “theatre of the oppressed” and “care network mapping”.

By and with Manuela Zechner (researcher, cultural worker and author, PhD on the topic of collective care) and Nelly Alfandari (theatre-maker with focus on participation, theatre of the oppressed and critical pedagogy)

Admission free
No registration necessary

Day ticket imagetanz
€ 16/€ 10/€ 8*

Festival pass imagetanz
€ 56/€ 34/€ 25*

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