20 and 21 March 2014

Maike Lond

10 journeys to a place where nothing happens*

Im Anschluss an I BLAME YOU, TONY BLAIR!
Österreichische Erstaufführung

The lecture performance 10 journeys to a place where nothing happens* is the result of a highly subjective research into the potential consequences of current political trends whereby cultural and private spheres merge with financial interests. Maike Lond dreamt up a scenario in which, thanks to the long-term support of a private sponsor, she frees herself from dependency on trends, curators, art institutions, subsidies and cultural policy. From meeting with potential sponsors and donors about actual employment, to participation in a panel on national television in Estonia, the artist – accompanied by Kaja Kann – spent 18 months pursuing a wide variety of approaches to turn her dream into reality. The performance’s title is borrowed from the eponymous work by artists Juha Valkeapää and Taito Hoffrén that was shown in 2012 at brut as part of the Baltic Games programme. While these two Finns made themselves comfortable in a tent with cake and coffee in 2012, in 2014 Maike Lond searches for her own ‘cozy world’ against the backdrop of financial stress and constraints of the art scene in her version of 10 journeys to a place where nothing happens*.

10 journeys to a place where nothing happens* celebrated its premiere at the Festival of Ideas “Art and Economics” in Riga. In her performances and installations Maike Lond moves between the fine as well as performing arts, and is also the initiator of the artist platform MIMproject.

Idea and performance Maike Lond Assistance Kaja Kann Translation support Kadri Saar

A co-production of Maike Lond and Kanuti Gildi SAAL.
With the kind support from the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Individual ticket
€ 14 Full price
€ 8 reduced
€ 6 with the brutkarte*

Day ticket imagetanz
€ 16/€ 10/€ 8*

Festival pass imagetanz
€ 56/€ 34/€ 25*

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