22 March 2014

imagetanz Closingparty


“Glamourous disco pop beyond gender categories” taz on Crazy Bitch in a Cave

"Adda Kaleh deconstructs stark pop like a reborn, refocused Nico" Red Bull Music Academy 2013

With a whirlwind of performative and musical acts by imagetanz artists and guests, the festival comes to an end with a collaborative closing party:
Crazy Bitch in a Cave’s mix of electro pop, extroverted performance and theatrical falsetto brings hair power to brut’s disco hour, liberated from all gender and genre stigmas. Adda Kaleh aka Alexandra Pirici is not only a performance artist, but also a musician creating subtle arrangements situated somewhere in the vast field of dreamy, yet mature indie pop and electronica. Following "eat-your-heart-out dance floor dirt meets guilty queer pleasures" with DJ tatze (quote/SCHMUZ).

Linking hurricane and haircare, the performance duo Laia Fabre/Thomas Kasebacher flirt with hair catastrophes and create new looks for the party-goers. Sit back, relax and let the Hurricare stylists do their stuff. In the meantime Barbara Ungepflegt draws on tabloid magazines for her “no-facebook” and embroiders public figures (stars, politicians, the rich and famous), strictly faceless! Live embroidery with a twist, accompanied by the teachings of Pater Pio and Jane Fonda’s rhythmics. To all handicraft haters out there, we recommend the retrospective of the F O U R D U M M I E S collective, who present the results of their image recovery at imagetanz’s grande finale. All those who participated in the performative recovery events can count on an autographed copy of the artists’ „haptic avatar of visual perfection“, available till supplies last! After their enormous pill selling success at the imagetanz opening, the drug hub of hoelb/hoeb and David Jagerhofer returns with a vengeance and offers an even vaster stock of surprising substances and special nutrition at the closing party. Needless to say, risks and side effects are guaranteed!;;;

By and with Adda Kaleh, Crazy Bitch in a Cave, Georg Klüver-Pfandtner, Peter Baur, Waltraud Theresia Brauner, hoelb/hoeb & David Jagerhofer, notfoundyet/Thomas Kasebacher & Laia Fabre, Barbara Ungepflegt and DJ tatze (SCHMUZ)

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