20 June 2014

Alles muss raus!


The monthly concert series BRUTTO also provides a contribution to this year’s Alles muss raus! Festival at brut that is more than worth seeing and throws the audiovisual duo CILANTRO together with the Austrian jesters Koenigleopold into the big sell-off. CILANTRO’s musical output can best be described as post-noise, which relies on unstable systems and music without perfume using feedback recorders, distorted bass guitars, cassette players and small home-made synthesisers. As Koenigleopold, Leo Riegler and Lukas König have dedicated themselves to a higher form of trashy humour and with their Holt die Goschn-Youtube hit bring a new form of humour to Austrian pop. The two brilliant transgressives and multi-instrumentalists ignite a creative firework of disco, free jazz, pop songs and noise rock of unheard-of dimensions.

€ 4,99 standard price

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