21 and 22 June 2014

Alles muss raus!

Anat Stainberg/Billy Roisz - SPLITTER

“Stainberg and Roisz give an outstanding narrative using sophisticated technological methods.”

SPLITTER is an audiovisual concert performance with a kaleidoscopic blend of live performers/operators, video, comics, text and music. It is centred around a woman who normally acts according to the social code of the culture she lives in. One day she stops dancing the social dance. And at that moment she “splits”. SPLITTER explores the split: the ability to exist in parallel situations – to behave according to an expected social code and at the same time to maintain a hidden private narrative. For example, when you conduct a conversation with partners but “inside your head” you are somewhere else, travelling, or observing the situation from above. This separateness between body/mouth and body/thinking/consciousness is investigated in artistic and scientific ways and presented in diverse media and attitudes.
SPLITTER is the second collaboration between the video artist and musician Billy Roisz and the Israeli performer and artist Anat Stainberg.;

Concept and performance Anat Stainberg/Billy Roisz Video and music Billy Roisz/Anat Stainberg Text Anat Stainberg Drawings Billy Roisz City-Song composition Martin Siewert City-Song adaptation Klaus Filip costumes Anke Philipp Stage setup Yasmina Haddad PR apomat* büro für kommunikation Andrea Pollach | Mahnaz Tischeh Dramaturgy Andreas Spiegl

A co-production by Anat Stainberg/Billy Roisz and brut Wien.
With the kind support of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

€ 4,99 standard price

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