3 and 4 October 2014

Watch Out

Ein Doppelabend mit Ivana Müller & Vlad Basalìcì

Performance in englischer Sprache
Österreichische Erstaufführung

The double feature Watch Out brings together two artistic works: It is what it is by Vlad Basalìcì and We Are Still Watching by Ivana Müller. Both performances address the relationship between performers and their audience and the shared experience of the Here and Now. The artists consider theatre to be a social space. Nominating their viewers as their accomplices, they invite them to influence the course of the evening within set rules and to provoke unexpected events. Vlad Basalìcì and Ivana Müller humorously challenge the audience’s expectations and subtly test their willingness to engage with performance beyond mere passive watching.

Vlad Basalìcì (Bucharest/London) – It is what it is

“This piece will last 45 minutes. It has two parts. The first part is a recording of what will happen in front of you. The second part will happen in front of you. If you raise your voice.” Vlad Basalìcì

The Romanian artist and performer Vlad Basalìcì works at the interface between visual art and performance and deals with all kinds of perspectives on how the passing of time is perceived. He creates haunting situations with the simplest means and manages to transform the mundane through his conceptual approach. It is what it is focuses on the subjective experience of time, opening up a space for the audience to act between the poles of acceleration and deceleration.
In addition to his solo performances, Vlad Basalìcì regularly works with other artists, such as Alexandra Pirici and the media art platform AVmotional. Vienna first saw Vlad Basalìcì in 2011 during an ImPulsTanz danceweb residency.

Concept and performance Vlad Basalìcì Scenography Andrei Dinu New media design and programming Cristian Lordache, Vlad Basalìcì Production Asociatia AVmotional

A co-production by 4Culture and WASP. Kindly supported by the National Centre of Dance Bucharest and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna.

Ivana Müller (Paris/Amsterdam) – We Are Still Watching

In We Are Still Watching, Croatian-born performance artist Ivana Müller continues to intensify her occupation with political processes and the issue of representation. This time, participation is what she calls for. The audience joins a shared reading rehearsal that can take a different course from evening to evening – a spectacle that each time forms a new community. Everybody will find his or her role despite the fact that no one knows the script or even suspects for one moment where the evening is headed. We Are Still Watching brings the unexpected to the stage and focuses our gaze on what might be between the lines of the text.
Ivana Müller’s works have been shown worldwide and received several awards. They deal with social and political processes, the role of the collective body and the relationship between performer and spectator. Most recently, Ivana Müller presented her piece IN COMMON at brut in 2013.

Concept and text Ivana Müller in collaboration with Andrea Bozic, David Weber-Krebs, Jonas Rutgeerts Light design & technical direction Martin Kaffarnik Production I’M’Company/Chloé Schmidt

We Are Still Watching was developed as a part of Encounters Project together with Frascati. It is kindly supported by Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds. We Are Still Watching is presented as part of the project House on Fire supported by the Cultural Programme of the European Union.

€ 14,- full price
€ 8,- reduced
€ 6,- with the brutkarte*

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