20 to 22 November 2014

Michikazu Matsune & Maxim Ilyukhin


Performance in englischer Sprache mit japanischem und russischem Akzent

The unique Japanese-Russian duo Michikazu Matsune and Maxim Ilyukhin is back on the brut stage! In their new work OBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW, they focus on the issue of familiarity and strangeness, playfully and humorously juggling cultural ascriptions, social identifications and (un)true stories. Michikazu Matsune and Maxim Ilyukhin ‒ who grew up in Japan and Russia, respectively  ‒ stage the encounter of different world views, perspectives, individualities and experiences in OBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW. They venture into a game that drifts back and forth between sense and nonsense, fact and fiction, constantly becoming entangled in the other’s and the audience’s gazes while looking for themselves. 

Michikazu Matsune and Maxim Ilyukhin have appeared at brut before, with their joint piece PEEPING M, which dealt with the issue of identification between voyeurism and projection in the form of a peepshow.

Audience discussion on 22 November after the performance.

Secret Ingredients 

20 to 22 November, 7 to 11 pm 
brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar 

The exhibition shows works that allow seeing everyday objects from surprising perspectives and put the objectivity of our approaches to the test. Admission free!

Featuring works by Pablo Chiereghin, Aldo Giannotti, Maxim Ilyukhin, Anna Jermolaewa, Leopold Kessler, Michikazu Matsune, Elsa Okazaki 

21 November, after the performance
brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer/Bar 
FOR VODKA’S SAKE! (performative interventions/party) 

Sake and Wodka look exactly the same! Get them down! Cheers! An evening with a unique blend of drinks, music and performative interventions. Admission free!

Featuring Anna Ceeh, Masha Dabelka, Aldo Giannotti, Maxim Ilyukhin, Patrick K.-H., Michikazu Matsune, Elsa Okazaki

A co-production of Michikazu Matsune & Maxim Ilyukhin and brut Wien. In cooperation with the Vienna Art Week and Eyes On. Kindly supported by the City of Vienna’s Cultural Department.

€ 14,- full price
€ 8,- reduced
€ 6,- with the brutkarte*

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