3 October 2014

3. Oktober bis 19. Dezember | Termin und Ort nach Vereinbarung

I can dance, but I can't cook mit Doris Uhlich

Secret Ingredients

Doris Uhlich can dance, but she cannot cook. When it comes to the art of cooking, she is an utter amateur. So, instead of presenting her dancing skills or manning the turntables, she turns the tables and asks her audience for culinary advice. Until before Christmas, anyone has the chance to invite Doris Uhlich to their home and teach her how to cook. Together with the dancer, you will cook your favourite dishes and reveal recipes and tricks. Over the shared meal, Doris Uhlich will answer all the burning questions you have been wanting to ask for ages. She will talk about projects and visions and about anything else that might end up on her plate. Also, she will be responsible for the musical background of the event and pop the corks in celebration of this culinary art experience. To your hearths, get set, go! To place requests and set dates, write to from September 1, 2014.

By and with Doris Uhlich

I can dance, but I can't cook is part of the series Secret Ingredients: In its last season before the new artistic team takes over, brut launches the one-year series in addition to co-productions and guest performances. Local and international artists who have continuously collaborated with brut during the past years give insight into their artistic work process and methods. More Information. More Information

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