11 and 12 November 2014

Caroline Creutzburg

B Open

Live-Radioshow | Performance
Österreichische Erstaufführung

++++ Before the show at 9 pm, Radio Orange will send live from brut im Künstlerhaus at 8.30 pm +++

Please be quiet! Six radio visionaries undertake epic journalism as a way to bridge distances. Weaving together and overlapping radio broadcasting and theater, they report on world events. The stage becomes their microphone and their voices the transmitters of the subjective announcements. The studio becomes a capsule of extravagant curiosity, the ether of the meeting place buzzing with attention. 
B Open is a live radio show. Those who cannot make it to the theatre can follow the detonation of a 3 m3 gelatine block at their home receivers live. Broadcasting begins half an hour before the show.

Caroline Creutzburg has initiated this cooperation between theatre makers from Berlin and Gießen. Both the Berlin University of Arts and the Gießen Institute of Applied Theatre Studies have provided sites of exchange and cooperation of some team members, such as recently in the case of Seid gastfreundlich gegeneinander ohne Murren (Be Hospitable Towards Each Other without Complaining). For the live radio show, the six performers unite amongst them a promising blend of wit, love and originality.

Created by and featuring Caroline Creutzburg, Franziska Dick, Rupert Jaud, Sophie Reble, Bettina Rychener, Maxi Zahn Production assistance Maria Isabel Hagen, Florian Seel

Funded by the City of Frankfurt am Main’s Cultural Department, Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, Autorenstiftung Frankfurt am Main, the City of Gießen’s Cultural Department, Gerda Weiler Stiftung, Fazit Stiftung, Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Stiftung für Radio und Kultur Schweiz. In cooperation with Radio multicult fm, Radio Orange Vienna, Radio Lora Zurich, Radio X Frankfurt and Hochschulradio Düsseldorf.

Festival pass € 40 full price/€ 25 reduced/€ 20* with the brutkarte 
Day pass € 18 full price/€ 12 reduced/€ 10* with the brutkarte 
Single ticket € 14 full price/€ 8 reduced/€ 6* with the brutkarte 

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