14 and 15 November 2014

Hendrik Quast

Mohrle - eine Fabel

Österreichische Erstaufführung

Mohrle is a cat that can cry. He’s not using his current prey, a mouse, for a snack nor for a toy. Instead the human-like cat is dabbling with techniques to slow down the natural decaying process and oblivion: both skilled taxidermy and his moaning attempts at singing reconstruct the story of a cat and his beloved mouse, to whose dead eyes he wants to bring back a sparkle. Mohrle is a solo performance showing live taxidermy of a mouse – from the skinning to the stuffing all the way to the staged arrangement. Complemented by the theatrical range of stage and musical singing, taxidermy here appears between the poles of creation and destruction, transforming what is dead into something that appears to be alive. An obvious reconstruction of cuteness with lots of fur examples. 

In his work, Hendrik Quast focuses on the theatricalisation of processes of growth or decay. Techniques of design and crafts are placed in the space and time of the theatre and thus provoke looks at familiar nature perspectives. All his works are characterised by an intense engagement with the materiality of his chosen subjects of examination and the selected objects. He always defines artistic work and its process as formation and reformation. For the solo performance Mohrle Henrik Quast learned the craft of anthropomorphic and naturalistic taxidermy and also received voice training for the purpose of singing. Quast studied at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and works as a performer, director, voice-over artist and writer.

Concept, text, singing Hendrik Quast Dramaturgy, light design Maika Knoblich Costumes and make-up Christina Neuss Singing coach Dorothee Dalg Assistant director Philipp Urrutia

Festival pass € 40 full price/€ 25 reduced/€ 20* with the brutkarte 
Day pass € 18 full price/€ 12 reduced/€ 10* with the brutkarte 
Single ticket € 14 full price/€ 8 reduced/€ 6* with the brutkarte  

On 15 November is brut part of the European Theater Night. "Pay as you wish" is valid for the performances Mohrle and Theater der Peinlichkeit.

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