13 December 2014

Meisterklasse mit united sorry

Teaching Show

13 December, 4 pm | brutstätte Zieglergasse 25 

Having reached a certain age and acquired numerous experiences, discoveries and insights, it is now time for united sorry to have a try at a master class. A few of their valued colleagues will assume the role of students. In a performative impromptu teaching session, united sorry ask themselves and their pupils what contemporary theatre is able to tell and give us today, thereby mincing the whole concept of master classes through the meat grinder. Do not miss this lesson!

Meisterklasse mit united sorry is part of the series Secret Ingredients: In its last season before the new artistic team takes over, brut launches the one-year series in addition to co-productions and guest performances. Local and international artists who have continuously collaborated with brut during the past years give insight into their artistic work process and methods. More Information

Created by Robert Steijn & Frans Poelstra Featuring Amanda Piña, Christine Gaigg, Thomas Kasebacher, Oleg Soulimenko and others

Admission free!

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