Künstlerhaus: 13.02 19:00,


Kunst und Politik in Zeiten von Konflikt und Protest

In connection to its January-February thematic focus BRAVE NEW WORLD, brut invites a fine selection of international guests to discuss the role of art in times of crises and conflict and the “political/activist” turn in art in recent years. The political philosopher Oliver Marchart will give a keynote on art and activism in times of perennial protest, focusing on the impact of revolts and occupations since 2011 on political action, as well as artistic practice. Rotterdam-based artist Jonas Staal will present the initiative New World Summit, an artistic and political organization he founded in 2012, that is dedicated to providing “alternative parliaments” hosting organizations that find themselves excluded from democracy due to current policies around terrorism and blacklisting. The curator and activist Vasyl Cherepanyn (director of the Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv and editor of the Ukrainian branch of Political Critique) will focus on the intersection of art, knowledge and politics between revolution and war, reflecting on the current political situation in Ukraine. The lectures will be followed by a discussion with the three speakers and the audience. The evening is moderated by art historian and author Therese Kaufmann, who works a. o. at the eipcp – European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies and the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Furthermore she is co-editor of the multilingual web-journal transversal.;;

DJing by THE RE SISTAS following the programme.

With Vasyl Cherepanyn, Oliver Marchart, Jonas Staal a. o. Moderator Therese Kaufmann

€ 5,-/Admission free with the brutkarte*

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