Foyer / Bar im Künstlerhaus: 31.01 12:00,

English Breakfast

Diskussion & Frühstück

On Sunday, preceding their final performance at brut, Forced Entertainment invite the audience to a classic English Breakfast at the venue. Over baked beans, sausages and breakfast eggs, the company will talk about their work and some projects they would have loved to realise but couldn’t because they were deemed too expensive, too big, too abstract, too scary, too weird or too childish. Prepare to be served exciting insights into Forced Entertainment’s cosmos of ideas – and top-notch breakfast. Please send an e-mail to up until 29 January to reserve your tickets.


English Breakfast is part of the series Secret Ingredients: In its last season before the new artistic team takes over, brut launches the one-year series in addition to co-productions and guest performances. Local and international artists who have continuously collaborated with brut during the past years give insight into their artistic work process and methods. More Information

Admission free!

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