Externe Spielstätte: 6.03 16:00, 7.03 15:00, 8.03 15:00,

Treffpunkt: Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie

Myriam Lefkowitz

Walk, Hands, Eyes (Vienna)

6. März, 16 bis 20.30 Uhr & 7. und 8. März, 15 bis 19.30 Uhr | Walks starten alle 90 Minuten
Österreichische Erstaufführung
An appointment between a performer and a spectator at a certain time and place. Nothing more. When they meet, a single rule is set: “We will not talk, but if anything bothers you don’t hesitate to tell me.”
Walk, Hands, Eyes is a silent walk through Vienna. With their eyes closed, each spectator is guided by a performer through the city to experience an entirely new connection between walking, seeing and touching. During the one-hour walk, each performer chooses focal points and moments when they ask the spectator to open their eyes briefly. In such a way they take personal “snapshots” ‒ images within a person’s head. Walk, Hands, Eyes offers everyone the chance to see Vienna from a new perspective ‒ a city they experience every day and usually take for granted.
Myriam Lefkowitz lives and works in Paris. In her works, she mainly deals with the practice of attention and perception. Walk, Hands, Eyes has been presented in different cities worldwide (including New York, Buenos Aires, Stuttgart and Brno) and is adapted individually for each city. In Vienna, Myriam Lefkowitz works with the performers Julie Laporte and Jean Philippe Derail. Julie Laporte works in the fields of contemporary dance and performance. Jean Philippe Derail is a performer, dancer and video artist and deals with the relationship between dance and cinema in his pieces. The imagetanz festival marks the first time for Myriam Lefkowitz to be a guest at brut.

Walks start every 90 minutes. Please reserve your time slots in advance at or (0)1 587 05 04.

On 8 March after the performances at 8 pm an artist talk with Myriam Lefkowitz, Dr. Hélène Doub Institut francais d’Autriche) and Katalin Erdödi (curator imagetanz) will take place at the Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie. 

Created by and featuring Myriam Lefkowitz, Julie Laporte, Jean Philippe Derail

In cooperation with Künstlerhaus and with the kind support of the Institut français d’Autriche, Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers and La FNAGP.


€ 6,- Admission / Ticket valid on all three days

Day ticket imagetanz
€ 16,-/€ 10,- reduced/€ 8 with the brutkarte* 
Festival pass imagetanz 
€ 56,-/€ 34,- reduced/€ 25 with the brutkarte*  

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