Künstlerhaus: 6.03 21:00, 7.03 21:00,

Julian Hetzel

I’m Not Here Says The Void

Österreichische Erstaufführung

There’s something beneath the carpet, there’s somebody standing behind the curtain. I’m Not Here Says The Void is a dark poetic performance about sculpting fear that materialises all of a sudden and then disappears just as quickly as it came about. The performance combines elements of visual theatre, dance, sculpture and electronic music into a journey through uncanny non-places, right into the middle of the unknown. In a dystopian scenery, audience expectations are undermined by a lack of plot and an elusive narrative.  It is an invitation to collectively practice imagination – after all, reality is an invention of the observer.
Julian Hetzel’s works oscillate between performing and visual arts; they often have a political dimension and a documentary approach. I’m Not Here Says The Void was created in collaboration with choreographer Michele Rizzo. In his work he deals with questions of self-representation and with how external circumstances like media, music and art affect the self. I’m Not Here Says The Void marks the first time the two artists are guests at brut.

With the installation Hello Hollow Julian Hetzel extends his performance into the public space. A group of ephemeral human like sculptures will hang out in Resselpark on Karlsplatz. These anthropomorph creatures are an interference in public space – they function as visual obstacles. Hellow Hollow is a disturbing dialogue on presence through absence and on the seductive power of the surface.

Directed by Julian Hetzel Choreography Michele Rizzo Performers Michele Rizzo, Julian Hetzel Artistic consultation Olivier Provily Dramaturgy Manolis Tsipos Sound design and music Le Schnigg, Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto, Ben Frost Costume design Gertjan Franciscus Light design Maika Knoblich

imagetanz 2015 // Julian Hetzel - I'm Not Here Says The Void (Trailer) from brut Wien on Vimeo.

A production by Frascati Amsterdam. 

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