Foyer / Bar im Künstlerhaus: 6.03 22:00,

Shiver & Shake


No festival is a festival without a spectacular opening night! At imagetanz, a night to remember is guaranteed by a very special line-up of performances and music acts. The evening is kicked off by the artist Ewa Bańkowska, who presents AUTOIMMUNE, an associativeperformance around the phenomenon of autoimmunity and the self-alienation of the body. After that, IDKLANG will take the partygoers on a magical trip through atmospheric soundscapes on guitar, voice and laptop, evoking the soundtrack of a contemporary film noir full of suspense. Following performance acts by students of the Performative Art Class (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna), darkness will fall, as imagetanz hosts the party series DARK DISKO with sinister, yet danceable beats.


10 pm, on-going during the opening party | brut im Künstlerhaus
Sophie Schmidt/Performative Art Class
Körperweitungen (Performative Intervention)

10.30 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer
Ewa Bańkowska
AUTOIMMUNE (Performance)

11 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus/Bar
IDKLANG (Concert)

11 pm, during the IDKLANG concert | brut im Künstlerhaus/Bar
Denise Palmieri/Performative Art Class
Resilience V (Performance/Installation)

12 pm | brut im Künstlerhaus/Bar

Featuring Ewa Bańkowska, Denise Palmieri, Sophie Schmidt, IDKLANG, DARK DISKO and others

€ 5,-/3,- with the brutkarte*

Day ticket imagetanz
€ 16,-/€ 10,- reduced/€ 8 with the brutkarte* 
Festival pass imagetanz 
€ 56,-/€ 34,- reduced/€ 25 with the brutkarte* 

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