Konzerthaus: 10.03 21:00, 11.03 21:00,

Milan Loviska

In the Cold Light of Darkness Something's Gonna Die a.k.a. Ugly Piece of Shit

Doppelabend - findet direkt im Anschluss an 'LUNCHTIME' statt | Ticket gilt für beide Veranstaltungen
In the Cold Light of Darkness Something’s Gonna Die is an unsettling dream and the Viennese axe massacre in 17 minutes. Milan Loviška has his audience trembling with dread and fear and evokes anxiety and tension without a narrative. In a sheer tour de force, he interweaves horror film effects, occultism, sexually charged fantasies, surrealism and deep disturbance with the archetypical horror film characters of the serial killer or psychopath. Without spilling a single drop of (fake) blood, Milan Loviška makes the audience’s blood to freeze when he conjures up a latent visceral fantasy about removal of repression and expansion of the frontiers of reality.
Slovakian artist Milan Loviška lives in Vienna and works in the fields of dance and performance. He studied contemporary dance and psychology in Prague and Amsterdam and received the danceWEB scholarship of the ImPulsTanz festival in 2011. Milan Loviška devises his own projects in collaboration with his long-standing partner in crime, Otto Krause, and he also works with artists such as Jérôme Bel, Doris Uhlich and Deborah Hazler.
Jakub Królikowski, who composed the music for  Loviška’s work, performs at the BRUTTO concert series at brut im Künstlerhaus at 10 pm on March 11th.

Concept and performance Milan Loviška Music Jakub Królikowski Costume design and outside eye Otto Krause 

A co-production by Milan Loviška and Territorium. With the kind support of theatercombinat, Tanzquartier Wien and Raw Matters. 

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Double evening: Ticket holds for LUNCHTIME as well.
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