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Barbara Ungepflegt


Haupteingang Milestone Studentenapartments, Nordportalstraße 2; U2 Messe/Prater (Ausgang Prater)

“What is MINE is ordered and manufactured. By me. In my time slot. MINE is a love child. MINE is achievement. MINE will be. Be there. MINE does not cry. MINE loves me. MINE is worth everything to me. MINE is not yours, not hers, not his. My success is MINE. But MINE goes to the Prater with you.” Barbara Ungepflegt and Peter Ahorner

In MINE, Barbara Ungepflegt challenges the dictate of fertility and the self-optimisation frenzy of present times. MINE focuses on the accomplishments of reproductive medicine: three surrogate mothers set off to a First Communion celebration with the spectators and on the way have strange encounters in the midst of the attractions in Vienna’s Prater fun fair …
Artist Barbara Ungepflegt works in the fields of performance, video and installation. Her performances are characterised by a language rich with metaphors, subtle irony and sharp wit. Barbara Ungepflegt has been a guest at brut several times, most recently with ENDLICH (FINALLY), her surreally poetic visit to the pastry shop, presented at imagetanz and the 2014 Alles muss raus festival.

Written by Barbara Ungepflegt & Peter Ahorner Directed by Barbara Ungepflegt Featuring Amalia Altenburg, Ling Chun, Hannah Jachim, Krista Schweiggl, Jancy Melazhakath, Elisabeth Umlauft, Barbara Ungepflegt, Peter Ahorner, Enrique Fiß Costume design Nicole Panagl Graphic design Artur Bodenstein PR Susanne Gelles Assistant Maria Burtscher

A co-production by Barbara Ungepflegt and imagetanz/brut Wien. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, the Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria, Milestone Student Apartments and Dallinger. 

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