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Anna Prokopová/Petr Ochvat/Costas Kekis

Corpse of a dance piece

In their piece Corpse of a dance piece, the figure of the zombie is the metaphoric and creative starting point for artists Prokopová/Ochvat/Kekis in their quest to radically deconstruct choreography and performance. 
In Prokopová/Ochvat/Kekis’s view, zombies embody the physical material that exists without any purpose, solely between the rhythms of waiting and attacking. In a society where our life is governed by capitalism, zombies represent an absolute and radical counterproposal. Their uncanny anonymity and aimless existence are the source of inspiration for Prokopová/Ochvat/Kekis. By referring to the zombies’ unproductivity, they undermine the capitalist ideology of efficiency with its dictate of self-optimisation and time management. In their physicality, they abandon style, choreography, originality and artistic subjectivity and arrive instead at the pure potentiality of (in-)action. 
Corpse of a dance piece is the first collaborative work of the three artists Anna Prokopová, Petr Ochvat and Costas Kekis. The starting point for their joint venture was a workshop with choreographer Paz Rojo. They were inspired by Rojo’s work, which she presented in 2012 as part of the event Corporeal sensitivity as political art? at the Tanzquartier Wien.
Czech artist Anna Prokopová works as a performer, dancer and choreographer. In Austria, she collaborates among others with Christine Gaigg. She showed her own works at WERKSTÜCK (together with Petr Ochvat), Zeitraumexit Mannheim and Tanec Ostrava. Czech artist Petr Ochvat works as performer in theatre and film projects, with choreographers such as Christine Gaigg, Ákos Hargitay and Georg Blaschke. In his own works, he explores the interface between breakdance and contemporary dance. Greek artist Costas Kekis performed in pieces by Doris Uhlich and Oleg Soulimenko and received numerous scholarships and residencies, at a.o. Szene Salzburg, danceWEB and Tanzquartier Wien. Most recently, he showed his works at CROSSBREEDS, WERKSTÜCK and the 100Grad Festival Berlin and worked as a dramaturg for Magdalena Chowaniec’s performance Sanctuary.

Artistic direction, performance and choreography Anna Prokopová, Petr Ochvat, Costas Kekis Sound Markus Steinkellner Stage and costume design Hanna Hollmann Outside eye Chris Standfest Project assistant Saskia Ottis Production Maggie Palms 

A co-production by Maggie Palms and imagetanz/brut Wien. With the kind support of the Czech Centre Vienna, and the City of Vienna’s Cultural Department. 

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