Foyer / Bar im Künstlerhaus: 6.03 22:00,

6. bis 21. März | Diverse Spielorte

Kooperation Klasse Performative Kunst



This year, imagetanz invites students of the Performative Art Class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna to contribute to the festival. Since 2009 the Institute of “Performative Art” devotes itself to performance, investigating differences and overlaps between visual arts, dance, theory and music. The students of the class will devise performances, interventions, installations and video works specifically for imagetanz’s focus on uncanny bodies. The interventions will be presented, for example, at the festival’s opening and closing parties, will accompany selected performances and appear in public spaces around the city.


6 March, 11 pm, during the concert of IDKLANG l brut im Künstlerhaus/Bar
Denise Palmieri (São Paulo/Vienna) - Resilience V (Performance/Installation)

6 & 21 March, on-going during the opening- and closing party |brut im Künstlerhaus
Sophie Schmidt (Munich/Vienna) - Körperweitungen (Performative Intervention)

10 and 11 March, between the performances by Teresa Vittucci and Milan Loviška | brut im Konzerthaus/Foyer
+++ had to be cancelled caused by illness +++
Nicole Sabella (Vienna) - I Spy With My Little Eye (Performative Intervention)
13 and 14 March, following the performance by Sööt/Zeyringer | brut im Konzerthaus/Foyer
Raffaela Bielesch (Vienna) - Go go (Video)
21 March, 11 pm l brut im Künstlerhaus/Bar
TKG (Vienna) - IMAGO (Concert/Performance)
6 to 21 March, on-going during the festival l brut im Künstlerhaus/Foyer
Clara Bro Uerkvitz (Odense/Vienna) - Make-up (Video)
6 to 21 March, on-going during the festival |brut im Künstlerhaus/different locations in the city
Daniela Grabosch (Cologne/Vienna) - RECTANGULAR BODIES (Performative Intervention in public space)

Created by and featuring Raffaela Bielesch, Clara Bro Uerkvitz, TKG, Daniela Grabosch, Denise Palmieri, Nicole Sabella, Sophie Schmidt Mentors Anat Stainberg, Andrea Salzmann Consultation Carola Dertnig

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