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La Re-sentida/Marco Layera - La Imaginación del Futuro

On 11 September 1973, Salvador Allende gave his last speech as the President of Chile. A few minutes later, the presidential palace La Moneda in Santiago de Chile was overrun by the military in a coup d’état. Allende committed suicide; the brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet was the next step.
"We are not concerned with the precise historical narrative known to all, but with free, bold and impudent fiction based on events that have shaped our own political identity."
In their dramatic fiction, the performers of the theatre collective La Re-sentida portray ministers and communication experts counselling President Allende in the last days of his government and trying to save him and the system he stands for. Would it have been possible to ward off 17 years of a dictatorship whose deep wounds are still ubiquitous in modern-day Chile? Free of all traces of nostalgia, La Re-sentida dares to play with the personality cult that envelops Salvador Allende and his image as an allegedly revolutionary pacifist. Insolently, humorously and in-your-face, they test historically possible and impossible alternatives on the stage. Their reflections on Chile’s violent past are provocative and breathe black humour and bitter cruelty. With impressive vocal and physical stamina, La Re-sentida creates strong and poetic images that describe the passions, contradictions and ideas of the young Chilean generation of today. With good reason, the press refers to the group as "the punks of Chilean theatre". This is the first performance of this extroverted theatre collective at Wiener Festwochen.

Text La Re-sentida Director Marco Layera Scenery and costumes Pablo de la Fuente Technical stage equipment Karl Heinz Sateler Assistant Alonso Orrego Production Nicolás Herrera Cast Diego Acuña, Benjamín Cortés, Carolina de la Maza, Pedro Muñoz, Carolina Palacios, Rodolfo Pulgar, Sebastian Squella, Benjamín Westfall

Guest performance. A production py Fundación Teatro a Mil, Santiago de Chile, Terni Festival.

€ 20,-/discounts

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