16 and 17 November 2011

Chris Kondek

Even the Dead are not Safe from the Living

Österreichische Erstaufführung

Belgian filmmaker Paul Huron created a series of aesthetically varied films and movie concepts that have been shown individually at festivals but are almost unknown to a wider audience. During the Internacional del Cine Alternativo festival in Havana, Huron disappeared under circumstances that remain mysterious to this day. The only traces left behind were unedited film material, vague notes, and a few letters. Chris Kondek and Matthias Breitenbach attempt to reconstruct Huron’s life between political action and artistic transgression. In Even the Dead are not Safe from the Living – half experimental film, half homemade slide show – they follow Huron’s trail to Havana. At the edge of plausibility they create a film within the film and a labyrinth of research material. They start a process of recollection that is well aware of its fictional nature from the start, and yet bring compelling evidence of Huron’s work to light exactly because of it.

Since his collaboration with the Wooster Group, Kondek’s video images have been influenced by the aesthetic of contemporary theatre. Kondek’s utilisation of video as an equal agent of action on stage has inspired a number of artists and affected discourses about perception, imagination, presence, and absence. He was most recently a guest at brut with Money – It Came From Outer Space.

From 18 to 20 November 2011, Kondek is also conducting a three-day workshop on the topic of Low Budget Video and the Sublime about the relationship of video and the representation of the sublime.

Director Chris Kondek With Chris Kondek, Matthias Breitenbach & Sonja Füsti Concept Chris Kondek & Martin Baasch Dramaturgy Christiane Kühl Video Chris Kondek & Marc Stephan Additional camera in Cuba José Gabriel Reyes Milian Staging & costumes Sonja Füsti Art works Marc Stephan & Sonja Füsti Assistant Sascha Hargesheimer Lights & sound Sebastian Schackert With special thanks to Michael Taussig

A production of the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt and the BHF Bank Foundation.

€14/8/6* with the brutkarte

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