19 and 21 January 2012



Österreichische Erstaufführung

"YKON and brut invite you to join the YKON GAME, a beautifully bizarre journey & collective attempt to alter the World." YKON

The YKON Game is a simulation game of some captivating and whimsical hours that is based on a simple thought experiment: what would happen if the world came to a complete standstill; if, for the duration of the game, nothing would be as it should be, and if the YKON Game participants could influence the world solely with their will power and had to convince all the others of the necessity of their suggestions at the same time? The YKON Group designs a utopia through the game in which everything suddenly becomes possible and one’s own actions have consequences on a worldwide level. With the design of a future world, the group references architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, who developed the idea of the World Game in the 1960s and formulated his master plan for planet Earth that was located somewhere between design and science. All the world’s problems were to be solved with the game. YKON Game is not about solutions for the present, but about conjuring up a completely different future and finding solutions for problems that nobody knows yet. The players are asked to create a world in which they can really live.

YKON is a non-profit organisation that represents underrepresented nations, experimental countries, and utopian thinkers. The group has shown its work worldwide, including in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Kunsthalle Budapest, at the transmediale 08 in Berlin, on the Mercosur Biennale in Porto Alegre. This year it was nominated for the DMY award.

On 19 and 21 January at 21.30 pm there will be a public guided tour through the installation resulting from the YKON Game.

Concept and realisation YKON Group

With the kind support of the FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, the Finland Institute in Germany for Culture, Science and Economics GmbH, and Austria’s Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

€ 6

Festival pass: € 35/25/20 with brutkarte*

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