24 to 26 January 2012


Two in your House

Österreichische Erstaufführung

Belarusian politician and poet Wladimir Nekljajew ran for president in his homeland in December 2010. On the day of the contentious election there was later a protest march, during which there were conflicts between the opposition party supporters and security forces. Nekljajew was beaten, and later kidnapped from the hospital by an “unidentifiable group of men in black”. He was held at an unknown location until he was finally released for health reasons and, guarded by two secret policemen, was put under a two-year house arrest. The teatr.doc company, who have produced twenty-eight productions thus far, is one of the few groups that work with documentary material in Russia. For Two in your House, teatr.doc interviewed Wladimir Nekljajew, his wife Olga, and employees of the secret police. They created a documentary theatre evening using these conversations as a basis, which is alarmingly clear in describing the constriction and tension in the two-room apartment. It shows how it feels to be a prisoner in one’s own home, unable to use the telephone nor look out the window. The Russian group also precisely presents in detail the co-dependency that develops from being watched around the clock. Togetherness reaches utterly new dimensions in this piece.

There will be an audience discussion on 25 January following the show.

With Aleksander Rodinov, Elena Gremina, Mikhail Ugarov Text Elena Gremina Background research and interviews Ekaterina Bondarenko, Talgat Batalov, Aleksandr Rodionov Artistic director Mikhail Ugarov Director Talgat Batalov Choreography Aleksander Andriyashkin Video Andrey Stadnikov Sets Vladimir Bagramov Assistant director Ksenia Osipova Lights and sound Anton Taishihin English translation Maria Kozlovskaya Music Johannes Burström, Zoya Garina Performers Maxim Kurochkin, Irina Savitskova, Oleg Kamenschikov, Aleksey Maslodudov, Sergey Ovchinnikov

A co-production of teatr.doc, brut Vienna, Baltic Circle, Kanuti Gildi Saal, SPIELART Festival, Reminiscencje Teatralne, Archa Theatre and Festival Divadelna Nitra. With kind support from KulturKontakt Austria, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Austria’s Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

€ 14/8/6 with brutkarte*

Festival pass: € 35/25/20 with brutkarte*

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