27 January 2012


16 bis 22 Uhr

Viva La Femme-Friday! The final best day of the week in January is completely under the motto “from girl to girl”. To start, the women of Mädelsflohmarkt [girl’s jumble sale] will be transforming brut im Künstlerhaus into a treasure trove full of unimagined delights. From four to ten in the evening shopaholics can rummage through all sorts of girlie things such as vintage and second-hand clothing, shoes, jewellery, and accessoires at the evening jumble sale. After the dawdling and haggling, Riina Maidre and Maike Lond from Estonia will start off a roaring night with their charmingly humorous concert performance PostUganda. It continues with sweat-inducing party thrown by the feminist magazine fiber until the wee morning hours. All the ladies, let’s misbehave!

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