17 to 19 February 2012

Doris Uhlich


Johannen [Johannas] is a documentation of the choreography of the same name about Joan of Arc, created in 2009 at the 15th Schiller Days in Mannheim, Germany. In it Doris Uhlich asks who Joan of Arc actually was: a naïve peasant girl, seer, virgin, warrior, religious fanatic? Instead of putting forward a dramatic adaptation, Uhlich brings the historic material into the present day with the assistance of amateurs: eighteen women – including a nun, a seer, and a soldier – deliver the material in order to illuminate the myth of the legendary Maid of Orléans. The women’s everyday experiences form the basis of movement sequences and documentary scenes. Johannen examines the questions of what it means to feel a religious calling today, what it means to be a soldier today, or to become a psychic.

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