3 May 2012

Türkenschanzpark • 1180 Wien, Treffpunkt: Aussichtsturm Paulinenwarte

united sorry/Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn

Green Conversations/Salon im Grünen #2


Walls do not appear of their own accord. They are planned, constructed, and raised. Unpleasant everyday clashes with walls of mistrust, pessimism, and cynicism give rise to the impression of being stuck in eternal winter. Looking through a window proves that the hope for change is still justified, as the next spring will certainly come! After all, the performance duo united sorry will ensure that this happens with their Salon on the Grass as part of this year’s Green Conversations project.
This time the forest spirits Poelstra & Steijn, together with artists and activists, end up in the Türkenschanzpark and in the TÜWI Pub.
Searching for a strategy to counter the stagnation threatening to break the general public, united sorry attempt to instigate a new spring in society. Comparable to a revolutionary spring that represents the desire for profound change and making this change visible, old ideas are to be swept out of the way to make space for new ones. Salon on the Grass is thus entirely dedicated to the question how art and political activism can go hand in hand to initiate this very change.
Together with the salon’s invited guests, the audience will be witness to and participant in a spiritual spring-cleaning which will dispose of inherited waste and will completely fine-tune the senses for the summer.

By united sorry/Frans Poelstra & Robert Steijn Production Nicole Schuchardt, Andreas Fleck With Amanda Piña, Doris Stelzer, Matthias Meinharter, Elke Schmölz, Franz Nahrada, Transition Austria, and others

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Admission free

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