31 May to 3 June 2012

Donauturm • Donauturmstraße 4 • 1220 Wien

brut und Wiener Festwochen

Oleg Soulimenko - Made in Austria


In German and English

Over the past ten years, Austria has been experiencing one of the largest waves of immigration since the beginning of the Second Republic. More than forty thousand immigrants settle here each year. They include asylum seekers, students, so-called “highly-qualified foreign workers”, and especially EU citizens. Made in Austria briefly introduces nine people from all points of the compass and with different cultural backgrounds that have made Austria their adopted home and are mastering their lives here. Made in Austria presents their views of Austria and provides an ironic look at the personal search for happiness in one of the world’s richest countries. In the rotating Donauturm Café, one hundred sixty metres above Vienna, an Indian perfumer, a Philippine nurse, an Armenian opera singer, an English tree surgeon, an American pop musician, and others will be negotiating which role their new home plays in their lives and to what extent Austria’s culture and society have influenced their individual ideas about happiness.

Audience discussion on 1 June after the show.

Concept and artistic direction Oleg Soulimenko Artistic assistance Magdalena Chowaniec, Anna Mendelssohn Text and Dramaturgy Rosemarie Poiarkov Dramaturgical advice Thomas Frank (brut Wien), Elisabeth Schack (Wiener Festwochen) Video Elena Tikhonova Equipment and costumes Anke Philipp Production management Ela Piplits Guest assistant director Tina Sööt, Marijeta Bucic With Marcelo Abraham, Richard Dixon, Yasemin Kazanci-Friesenbichler, Yogesh Kumar, Lana Michelson, Frans Poelstra, Virginia Radl, Anna Ryan, Vetscheslav Seniugov

A co-production of Oleg Soulimenko/Vienna Magic, brut Wien, and the Viennese Festwochen 2012. In cooperation with the Donauturm.


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