15 and 16 June 2012

Vogeltennwiese • Johann-Staud-Straße 80 • 1160 Wien

Up to Nature

Martin Nachbar - Animal Dances

“Martin Nachbar has been proving for years now that ‘Konzepttanz’ is not only intelligent, but can also be extremely humorous.” Franz Weigand

Animal Dances presents configurations, effects, and forces that arise when humans and animals come into contact. Martin Nachbar is known for borrowing movement and language material from a wide variety of contexts in order to try them out on his own body. This time he will be working directly from the animal kingdom. He doesn’t avoid simply imitating animals at all. While the one or other animal sound makes the atmosphere on stage very concrete and close to nature, he doesn’t deny himself the possibilities of playing with the abstract idea of “becoming an animal”.
Animal Dances examines the relationships that twenty-first century city-dwellers have with animals: anthropomorphised pet, unknown working animal, invisible vermin, and beasts of prey photographed on a safari.
This is another artistic experiment by Nachbar on himself during the course of which the exploration and the respective dance-reflective means are as important as the actual result.

Choreography and dance Martin Nachbar Music Boris Hauf costumes Marion Montel Production management Susanne Beyer

Up to Nature is a co-production of ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival Kuopio, Black Box Teater Oslo, brut Wien, Inbetween Time Bristol, and Maska Ljubljana. In co-operation with the Wiener Festwochen. With the kind support of the European Commission.

Admission free

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