3 and 4 October 2012

Barbara Ungepflegt

Running Muschi - eine Performance zum Davonlaufen, ein eiliger Abend


Running Muschi is jogging with endless ribaldries, a trip like a revue with chases and odysseys on the highway to sell. A performance to run away from.” Barbara Ungepflegt

Running Muschi [Running Pussy] tells the story of two strange individuals in an unusual flat-share in a bizarre and humorous way. An escaped revue horse (Barbara Ungepflegt) has hired a Japanese errand boy (Yujiro Akihiro) from an Internet catalogue in order to escape from the loneliness of its twilight years on the one hand and to share the flat’s running costs on the other. In this bizarre constellation, the two pursue their everyday lives, which the revue horse soon breaks out from in order to embark on a grotesque odyssey. After stressfully running the gauntlet, the visitors are cordially invited into the Laufhaus Running Muschi [Running Pussy Brothel], in order to relax after being seated for a while on the treadmill and to get the pictures on the monitor up and running.

Text and production Barbara Ungepflegt Dramaturgy Elisabeth Schack Scenography Hanna Hollmann Video Benedikt Walzel Music Yujiro Akihiro With Barbara Ungepflegt and Yujiro Akihiro

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

€ 14/€ 8/€ 6* with the brutkarte

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