9 to 17 November 2012

Andrea Maurer & Thomas Brandstätter/studio 5

meaning meaning

Österreichische Erstaufführungbrutproduktion

studio 5 want to leave the conventional meanings of things behind and reflect on the future of language. In meaning meaning the audience encounters a gorilla, a human and a future-being sharing a table. Everyday objects are given new names and functions, strange apparatus are constructed, and poems are recited in a rain of letters in their attempts to communicate with each other and find a common language. Transgressing the border between sense and nonsense, something new is happening at this table; words and objects are mucked about until one makes oneself understood by transcending language.
Following the experimental working methods of various avant-garde poets such as Velimir Khlebnikov, Raymond Roussel, and Gertrude Stein, they potter about with the raw material of language and rattle the scaffolding of its conventions. If letters, sounds, and tones literally tumble out in the process, this is a sign that a good deal of imagination is involved.

By and with Andrea Maurer and Thomas Brandstätter/studio 5 In collaboration with Nicholas Hoffman and Ewa Bankowska Production studio 5

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs.
Thanks to Frans Poelstra and Ilse Maurer.

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