9 and 10 November 2012

Lukas und

...die keineswegs letzten Piraten

Österreichische Erstaufführungbrutproduktion

“We sincerely promise that a ship will come: to each man his sloop. The ship is the site of hope and new beginnings, scene of the battle, trading zone, and cruising dream. We set sail on the ship from the mainland of facts and search for happiness out in the vastness reaching up to the horizon, behind our eyelids. Laughing at the crown, we will be sailing under the flag of the untameable, ready to beat storms, to plunder, to booze, and to fill our camps with gold and stories. And when the head falls we say: oops.” Lukas und

…die keineswegs letzten Piraten [Lukas and… Not the Last Pirates, No Way]
sails between a longing for order and illusions of freedom. The decision to create a political-aesthetic place of one’s own leads to perdition, somewhere in the middle of the ocean, far from any social agreement. Forever immune. Forever?

By and with Alice Ferl, Bernhard Greif, Stine Hertel, Katharina Runte, Ina Vera, Johanna Seitz, Lukas

With the kind support of the Cultural Office of the City of Giessen, The Hessian Theatre Academy, the Foundation van Meeteren Düsseldorf and of

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