9 November 2012

5. GEbrutSTAG & 7 Jahre OKTO

Jubilee Line

Large anniversary parade in brut: as pretentious as the Queen, the 5-year anniversary will be celebrated with the aging comrades of community broadcaster OKTO and the messieurs of Atzgerei. While OKTO is proudly adorning itself with a seven, the graphic collective Atzgerei remains vainly silent about its advanced age. To top this off, duly decadent, the Freischwimmer festival will be starting, making a proud fourth stop in Vienna. With jubilant cries OKTO will be broadcasting the band Mle[e] and star DJ Amina (Oktoskop | Female Pressure). Atzgerei will situate themselves behind the bar, while the always stylish Vanessa Video will be at the turntables to round out the event. HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!,,

With DJ Amina (Oktoskop | Female Pressure), Mle[e], Vanessa Video

Admission free

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