14 and 15 November 2012

Giesche x Hermsdorf


Österreichische Erstaufführungbrutproduktion

BLACK OR WHITE is looking for too much: too much material. Too much text, too many images, too much music – there is simply just too much. Too much superfluous matter. We lean back, exhausted, watching, collecting ourselves, and notice that it is impossible to process this flood of information – impossible now, never possible. 
Alexander-Maximilian Giesche’s and Lina Hermsdorf’s work focuses on the choreography of permanent overstimulation in the amusement park of superficial screens and the struggle against isolation in the optimally interconnected communication society.

By and with Alexander-Maximilian Giesche, Lina Hermsdorf Sound design Julian Hetzel Lighting design Maika Knoblich
Dramaturgical consulting Aukje Verhoog

A co-production with the Bremen Theatre.
With the kind support of the Cultural Office of Frankfurt a.M., DasArts Amsterdam, and CAPAROL. Thanks to Andrea Božic.

BLACK OR WHITE - GIESCHE X HERMSDORF from Alexander-Maximilian Giesche on Vimeo.

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