16 and 17 November 2012

Markus & Markus

Polis3000: Oratorio

Österreichische Erstaufführungbrutproduktion

Markus & Markus are Markus & Markus. They are also Jesus. They perform miracles and they have a mission. Christians and non-Christians – there’s space for everyone in Polis3000: and the credo of these two from Hildesheim is that all are Markus & Markus’s sheep.
Polis3000 is an autonomous enclave beyond good and evil. Based on real events and materials, the evening here erupts with additional theatrical value.
Polis3000: Oratorio is what has meanwhile become the third part of a series with which the two artists try to come to grips with the absurdity of reality. In Polis3000: autonomia (2011) they filed charges against Carsten Maschmeyer (founder of AWD Holding) and the president of the University of Hildesheim, Wolfgang-Uwe Friedrich, for the selling of doctorate titles. In Polis3000: respondemus they confronted humanity with their one-sided self-representation in space. Now they’re addressing institutionalised forms of religion in the form of a multimedia oratorio.

By and with Markus Schäfer and Markus Wenzel Stage and costume design Manuela Pirozzi Video Katarina Eckold
Production management
Lara-Joy Hamann

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