22 to 25 November 2012

Anne Juren

Lost & Found


In Lost & Found Anne Juren embarks on a journey through her memories: past and forgotten things will be activated – from the first children’s dances via her dance training up to current choreographic works, memories combine with newly invented ones, her own with contemporary aspects. The book Culture de la danse/ Crise de la forme, which Anne Juren’s artist colleague Roland Rauschmeier is currently working on with her support, is the starting point for the project. In this book they suggest a fictitious normative aesthetic for performance art. A mixture of historic facts and invented assumptions results in a new and surreal interpretation of performance art. Correspondingly, the stage fills with memories, colours, and texts as well as with documents both standing and moving, through which Juren meanders in order to overwrite her own memories with the new choreography, step by step. British artist Vicki Bennett, aka People Like Us, produces the soundtrack for the performance.,

Concept, performance Anne Juren Text, stage Roland Rauschmeier Costume Lise Lendais Dramaturgy Silke Bake Lighting Bruno Pocheron Sound People Like Us Production Angela Bedekovic Production assistant Ruth Ranacher Intern Zane Estere Gruntmane

A co-production of the Viennese Dance and Art Movement and brut Wien. With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs. With thanks to Art Stations Foundation Poznan for an artists’ residency in the frame work of the modul-dance European project.


€ 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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