8 and 9 March 2013

Diego Agulló & Dmitry Paranyushkin

The Humping Pact. Vienna Mission

Tagesticket gilt auch für Spirit

“Buildings need love, too.” Heute

Diego Agulló’s & Dmitry Paranyushkin’s Humping Pact is a covenant between sex and architecture. In body-intensive interventions, the two performers mate, mount, and copulate with public buildings. Through these hump-ins of the selected objects, they get to know and love the mostly old structures. An intimate, personal relationship to the architectural sites comes into being which celebrates the human body, its longing for exploration, dissemination, and stimulation. The Humping Pact is an aesthetic meditation on the nature of dissemination, illusions of greatness, and the human desire to believe in the senseless and conceive the impossible. After Diego Agulló & Dmitry Paranyushkin have already indecently assaulted the law courts in Brussels, a former Soviet military base in Latvia, and an abandoned coal mine among others locations, places such as Schönbrunn Palace or brut itself will become the objects of desire during their Vienna Mission.,

On 8 March the two artists will prove that they not only like close contact to buildings, but are also keen for the turntables. Following the performance of Spirit by Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek, DJs Blue Cosmic Hand and Yellow Galactic Star invite you to the brut bar im Künstlerhaus to the imagetanz opening party.

By Diego Agulló & Dmitry Paranyushkin

A co-production of Diego Agulló & Dmitry Paranyushkin and imagetanz/brut Wien.
Thanks to Bernadette Müller and Nicole Schuchardt.


imagetanz 2013 - Festival für Choreografie, Performance und Kosmisches from brut Wien on Vimeo.

Festival pass € 56/€ 34/€ 25 with the brutkarte*
Day ticket € 16/€ 10/€ 8 with the brutkarte*
Single ticket € 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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