21 and 22 March 2013

Lise Lendais


In englischer, deutscher, französischer und armenischer Sprache

TALIN, MARY KATE & ME is a theatre project between fiction and documentation in which three artists from Istanbul, London and Vienna encounter each other on the brut stage. They sit with their babies in a surreal-poetic landscape, in an imaginary garden full of grass and moss. There they sustain their children, something they always do. Yet at the same time they do something completely different: their daily routine becomes an experiment in the theatre space, a play with their roles as mothers and artists. One year ago Talin, Mary Kate and Lise met each other in the same theatre in which the show will have its premiere. Since that first encounter all three of them have become mothers. For this project they came together, communicating long distance over 3 months about their experiences, and exchanging daily artworks focusing on the mother as a creative figure.


TALIN: Armenian woman living in Istanbul
MIRA: Daughter of Talin
MARY KATE: Irish woman living in London
FINN: Son of Mary Kate
LISE: French woman living in Vienna
ADAH: Daughter of Lise
SEBASTIAN: A butterfly

Concept Lise Lendais Performance Sebastian Bauer, Adah Lendais, Finn Taylor, Lise Lendais, Mary Kate Connolly, Roza Mira Demirci, Talin Buyukkurkciyan Demirci Lights Andreas Lendais Sound design Sebastian Bauer Dramaturgy Anna Feldbein Internship Cédrine Scheidig

A co-production of Lise Lendais and imagetanz/brut Wien.

imagetanz 2013: Lise Lendais - TALIN, MARY KATE & ME from brut Wien on Vimeo

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day ticket € 16/€ 10/€ 8 with the brutkarte*
single ticket € 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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