29 September 2013

Barbara Ungepflegt



Right on time for the national elections on 29 September, Barbara Ungepflegt will be turning the brut bar into a MISSWAHL headquarters: the perfect polling place for everyone who wants to experience the Austrian election circus in a very different way. Starting at 6:00 p.m. you can follow the results of the national election live in the brut bar before the MISSWAHL gets started at 8:00 p.m. For the MISSWAHL election six “Misses” are running against one another, each a spitting image of the other, and their election programmes and contents are indistinguishable from one another. After a month-long MISSWAHL election campaign with election propaganda, election lollipops, election speeches, election posters, election messages, election surveys and election discussion panels, the six female candidates are running neck and neck on this MISSWAHL election evening. The six Misses (Miss Credit, Miss Envy, Miss Mishap, Miss Miscarriage, Miss Failure, Miss Abuse) deliver ardent speeches and court support from the voters. They’ll be accompanied by the MISSWAHL analyst David Jagerhofer who will be presenting the results of the surveys and statistics about MISSWAHL voter turnout. After voters have cast their votes in the MISSWAHL voting booth, they can relax while excitedly looking forward to the first prognoses. Following the classic interviews with the winners and losers, the absolute rock bottom of the MISSWAHL Election Day will be happening in a roaring MISSWAHL victory party. Get out and brut!

With Barbara Ungepflegt, David Jagerhofer and guests

Admission free/party donations welcome

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