11 October 2013

Bouillon Group


Dauer/Duration: ca. 120 min

As part of the key topic The Power of Voice, the Bouillon Group invites you to a traditional Georgian Supra, a lavish feast along the lines of a performance. A tamada – the traditional toastmaster of a Georgian banquet – will be the masterly dominant host of the evening who will more than fulfil his role as unquestioned authority of the Supra; his words are the unwritten law, he just knows what’s best for his guests! The toastmaster charmingly tells entertaining stories, spins yarns, vocalizes his guests’ most secret desires and occasionally adds a philosophic commentary. A half-private, half-public dinner party emerges, one that gradually learns to question the Supra’s unwritten rules and regulations.

The Bouillon Group artist collective was founded in Tiflis in 2008. They are one of the few groups in Georgia that have specialised in using public space and exploring social situations. Now and again the group takes up non-artistic strategies and advances into artistic spaces with them. The Bouillon Group takes up issues around private and public space and how power structures and hierarchies shape such spaces. This often takes the form of subtle critique of the situation in post-Soviet Georgia. This year the group is also performing in Venice at the Biennale in the Kamikaze Loggia, the Georgian pavilion.

Idea Bouillon Group (Teimuraz Kartlelishvili, Vladimer Khartishvili, Ekaterina Ketsbaia, Konstantine Kitiashvili, Zurab Kikvadze, Natalia Vatsadze)

With the kind support of the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, the European Cultural Foundation – Step Beyond Travel Grants and the Embassy of Georgia in Austria. In cooperation with the Künstlerhaus.

€ 14/€ 8/€ 6 with the brutkarte*
Dinner included in the price

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