19 to 29 September 2013

brut im Künstlerhaus/Vorplatz

Igor & Ivan Buharov


19 September: from 9 pm
20 to 29 September: 3 to 10 pm

You don't know which politician to vote for in the upcoming election? You are not sure who is trustworthy? The artists Kornél Szilágyi and Nándor Hevesi, working under the pseudonym Igor and Ivan Buharov since 1995, have a solution to your problem: take a deep breath and decide! Under the motto “The smell never lies” the SMELLECTION AUTOMAT invites us to follow our most primordial instincts. Science has proved that the choice by smell is the most important criteria in the selection of one’s partner. Why not elect politicians in this way?
From HC Strache’s odor to a snuff of Eva Glawischnig the automat offers a whole range of smells from Austrian top politicians. Who hasn’t decided yet, can try his luck at brut: come along for collective sniffing!

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