25 to 27 April 2014

Gasthaus Schlingerhof • Brünnerstr. 34-38 • 1210 Wien

Theater im Bahnhof / Gaststubentheater Gößnitz

Operation Wolfshaut – Eine Rekonstruktion

“Director Ed. Hauswirth directs the ensemble through the shoals of mutual incomprehension with a sure hand. In the end you have an inkling of the power of suppression and of self-deception. And a great desire to read Die Wolfshaut.” Kleine Zeitung

Operation Wolfshaut is a theatrical sociology of a village, a piece about the aftershocks of wartime in Austria and an analysis of suppression mechanisms and the culture of avoidance. For Operation Wolfshaut two theatre-makers go to the countryside in order to interview witnesses about the time after the war. The conversations are reminiscent of the novel Die Wolfshaut in which Hans Lebert describes the collective suppression in post-war Austria. Inspired by this, the theatre-makers begin a rehearsal process damned to fail: they bring a rural group together to improvise a village’s motifs and rituals which run the gamut from the unfathomable to the absurd. Everyone gets a bit too close to their actual realities, however, and the pecking order and atmospheres, images of masculinity and femininity and the interplay between a group and people outside of it get revealed. The village as phenomenon, its relationship to the city and its dark secret come into view.

The famous ensemble Theater im Bahnhof is working with the theatre ensemble Gaststubentheater Gößnitz for the first time with the goal of broadening local amateur theatre with a new unmistakable facet.;

Direction Ed. Hauswirth With Andreas Gößler, Pia Hierzegger, Elisabeth Holzmeister, Markus Kohlbacher, Eva Maria Krammer, Helene Krammer, Andreas Schmidt, Klaus Schmidt-Puffing Equipment, image and sound Johanna Hierzegger Production Christina Romirer

A co-production of Theater im Bahnhof, Gaststubentheater Gößnitz and steirischer herbst. In co-operation with Theaterland Steiermark/Volkstheater 2.13 and the Gasthaus Schlingerhof.

€ 14 Full price
€ 8 reduced
€ 6 with the brutkarte*

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