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 2014 / 2015 
 Wiener Festwochen 2015
 imagetanz 2015 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and uncanny Bodies
 Secret Ingredients
 2014 / 2015 
 Freischwimmer 2014 - INTIM
 2013 / 2014 
 Everything must go! 2014
 Village People
Village People

The themes of folk culture and folklore have conquered contemporary performance, and not just in Vienna. The artistic exploration revolves around lived practices and social realities beyond the theatre. Thus, for example, folk dances draw their significance not primarily from the virtuosity of the performance but from the social components, the community-founding practice. As a social phenomenon, however, folklore practices are also subject to ideology and consequently ambivalent. For many artists it is precisely this ambivalence that is particularly interesting. The
Village People key topic takes up this discussion, examines the fiction of tradition and enriches it with the potential of the imaginary.
Simon Mayer is taking up the folklore tradition of his Upper Austrian homeland at the end of April. The Graz Theater im Bahnhof and the Gaststubentheater Gößnitz jointly undertake the attempt at a theatrical village sociology performed at the Schlingerhof restaurant in Floridsdorf. And with their EINKOCHEN enterprise the Rabtaldirndln go into the nitty gritty of the Vienna bobo society. On 1 May, the Rabtaldirndln continue the Village People key topic and invite people to a picnic of a passion-play type with a transcendental apparition in the Prater. In Verfassung Doris Uhlich updates and abstracts the community-founding potential of folkdances by relating tradition and pop music to one another. Afterwards the collective opens the International Village Shop in brut. Here, new local products are introduced that have been conceived and realised together with the residents of various villages. In a lecture performance and an installation, questions of tradition, authenticity and identity are addressed. In addition, as part of Village People, Thomas Kasebacher and Laia Fabre offer a workshop that analyses the structures of folk dances and explores the possibilities of inventing fictional folk dances.

 Programme  25 April to 15 May 
Theater im Bahnhof / Gaststubentheater Gößnitz
Die Rabtaldirndln
Simon Mayer
Die Rabtaldirndln
Doris Uhlich
 imagetanz 2014 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Care
 Nachhaltig scheitern
 The Power of Voice
 2012 / 2013 
 Everything must go! 2013
 A Ballet Trilogy by Doris Uhlich
 imagetanz 2013
 Don't look back
 Out of Order
 Freischwimmer 2012 • Exploit yourself!
 Freedom of Speech
 2011 / 2012 
 Everything must go! 2012
 Community works!
 imagetanz 2012 - Festival for Choreography, Performance and Work
 Alles Uhlich!
 Baltic Games
 Video gehört auf jede Bühne!

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