18 February 2012

Doris Uhlich & Andrea Salzmann

sackl du printemps / Impatiens walleriana

sackl du printemps (film)

The film sackl du printemps [the little bag of spring] was created in 2007 in the run-up to the production Impatiens walleriana. Doris Uhlich piles up twenty-kilogram sacks of potting soil in an empty studio for twenty minutes.

Impatiens walleriana  (performance)

In Impatiens walleriana, Andrea Salzmann and Doris Uhlich, who both were considered up-and-coming artists at the time, address the laws of botany with regard to the area of seedlings, which are used as metaphorical representations for the artists themselves. Salzmann and Uhlich transferred the laws from this branch of botany to contemporary theatre and let themselves be directed by questions like: what does it mean to be considered an up-and-coming artist in theatre, and what meanings are included within this term? Where to exactly do the up-and-coming grow in theatre?

Idea Doris Uhlich Realisation Doris Uhlich, Andrea Salzmann, Claus Ruhnau

With support of Tanzquartier Vienna.

€ 6/3 with brutkarte*

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