14 and 19 February 2012

Doris Uhlich

Rising Swan


“The (re)questioning of her own medium in Doris Uhlich’s exciting performance is never an end in itself. Instead, in contrast, it indicates something beyond itself through the clever re-interpretation of the more than one-hundred-year old choreography. This results in a very personal yet extensive reflection about perishing and the timeless human aspiration to struggle against the inevitable.”

“Beautiful.” Falter

This swan is nowhere near dead. Doris Uhlich returns once again to the brut stage with her successful production Rising Swan. Her solo performance takes Michel Fokine’s choreography The Dying Swan as its point of departure.
The revolutionary expressive ballet was first premiered in 1907 by Anna Pavlova, which made her a world-famous star. The up and down of the swan, the sheer force of the flap of its wings, and its resistance to foundering – all of which Pavlova expressed in her solo – take on new form in Rising Swan. Doris Uhlich brings the choreography into the year 2012 and combines it with personal memories of breakups and failures.

Choreography, Performance Doris Uhlich Dramaturgy Andrea Salzmann, Yoshie Maruoka Artistic advisor Judith Staudinger Production Marlies Pillhofer, Christine Sbaschnigg Video luma.launisch

A co-production of Doris Uhlich/insert Theaterverein, and brut Vienna. In co-operation with K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg. Residency as part of “Re-Imagining Utopia in New York City”/New York (Movement Research, Austrian Cultural Forum N.Y., Tanzquartier Vienna). With support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Austria’s Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

€ 14/8/6 with brutkarte*

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