23 and 24 June 2012

Alles muss raus!

Andrei Andrianov & Amanda Piña - Letters of Friendship

Österreichische Erstaufführungbrutproduktion

Amanda Piña and Andrei Andrianov met for the first time in 2010 as participants in the project Music here, Music there. Vienna – Moscow. Soon thereafter they put together a performance for which they dug up old children’s photos and addressed growing up in rigid political systems (in Chile and in the Soviet Union). What they learned after the performance from an audience member was the starting point for their next work together, Letters of Friendship. The title refers to a 1970s Soviet school programme, the aim of which was a comradely exchange of letters between students from the Soviet Union and other communist states: political pen pals targeted at consolidating relationships to other states among adolescents. The unknown pen pals’ addresses were distributed by the teachers during classes, while the letters themselves were part of the foreign language lessons. The audience member in Vienna was Juan Ramos from Chile, who from 1972 to 1973 wrote to Ivan Komarov from Moscow. Back then the two were eleven and twelve years old respectively. The letters that Ramos placed at the artists’ disposal were the basis for humorous interpretations for stage which were performed for the first time in Moscow at the Dance Agency TsEKh in 2011, and for a radio play that will be broadcast on 17 June at 11:00 pm on Ö1 Kunstradio.

By and with Amanda Piña and Andrei Andrianov

A co-production of Amanda Piña, Andrei Andrianov, and brut Wien and the Dance Agency TsEKh within the scope of Music here. Music there. Moscow – Vienna. With the kind support of the European Union and Austria’s Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

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