Künstlerhaus: 7.05 20:00,

Die Drei von der Klangstelle


“We are a classic example of informal Austrian backscratching.” Dieter Kovacic about

 This is where the music plays! When celebrating the conclusion of the first brut era, of course, a night with all the defining musical formats from the brut programme is mandatory. The most consistent of all projects is the VELAK Gala that was around in the Konzerthaus basement long before brut in times of dietheater, playing electro-acoustic music from improvisation to noise, to multi-channel compositions. For the VELAK Gala and its protagonists the online platform is a crucial factor in distributing and networking their music. Initiated 15 years ago by Dieter Kovačič aka dieb13, is something like the MySpace of the Vienna music underground. From time to time, this “sound art network” (Falter magazine) likes to assemble its innovative sound specialists offline as well, for example, on occasion of the now legendary birthday festival at brut im Künstlerhaus. The youngster among the brut musical series has conquered the bar and foyer of brut im Künstlerhaus since autumn of 2013 under the name BRUTTO.  While also happily drawing from the pool of artists, the BRUTTO curators do not fear pop, folk and other glittery musical styles. Their exciting double bills have time and again created fabulous clashes in their audience’s auricular expectations. On May 7th, these three lifeblood projects join forces and form a multi-headed team to present the brut guests their co-curated programme of concerts, video screenings and installations. Media and performance artist Jan Machacek is also part of the evening. He will create a haunted dance floor in the brut office, a video installation, in which digital shadows from his current temporary home, Mexico, mix with those of the live audience in Vienna.

With Bulbul, Klaus Filip, HYPERCYCLE, Lisa Kortschak, Claudia Larcher, Jan Machacek, Sabine Marte, MC Rhine, Martin Siewert + Katharina Klement, Stella Veloce, The Living Jukebox u. a.

Admission free!

No reservations necessary. First come, first served. House and bar open one hour before the events.

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