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 2014 / 2015 
 Wiener Festwochen 2015

The final countdown has started! With the 13th May the first eight years of brut draw to a close: the baton can be passed on and the co-production house once again re-invented. But beforehand, everything that brut had been in the past eight years will be celebrated one last time: performances, theatre, dance, concerts, club nights, debates, workshops – a variety of formats and contents that were always meant to interact, mesh, crossbreed and co-exist. Expanding scopes and spaces for agency, transcending boundaries and intensive content-based work have all been goals of the artistic programme.
Eight years in eight days. The grand finale will serve as a platform for artists who have been closely connected with brut during these past years. The aim is to show once more the diversity of the programme, bring together the people who have defined brut’s image and create an atmosphere in which the artists, the brut team, former colleagues, partners, professionals and the audience can come together to exchange and most of all, celebrate.

As everything started with the Vienna theatre reform’s mandate to establish an internationally relevant co-production house for the independent scene, it is only logical to start the final countdown with an open debate, discussing how working conditions have changed within the independent scene.
The graphic design collective Atzgerei has been busy these last years making sure that brut’s visual identity is burnt into everyone’s memory far and wide. Freshly graduated from the academy, brut was the Atzgerei’s first big assignment. This year, they celebrate their 10th anniversary and their last brut design with the current programme. Reason enough to dedicate an evening to the grand collectives and celebrate their anniversary and farewell from brut together with the Fearleaders, Subchor and MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle. Thanks, Atzgerei, you’re amazing!
Crucial impulses for performances in brut have come from the experimental music scene these past years: formats such as the electro-acoustic VELAK Gala, the online platform and the cross-over series BRUTTO. The second night is dedicated to them. The three platforms join forces to curate an exciting programme of concerts, sound art installations and video works. In the emptied out brut office, Jan Machacek invites to a “shadow dance” from far-away Mexico to say good-bye.
International co-productions and guest performances have been an important pillar of the programme. Comically melancholic theatre maker Zachary Oberzan from New York and Amsterdam-based glam duo Florentina Holzinger and Vincent Riebeek are among the artists who have a particularly special place in the brut hearts. Flanked by the queer sirens Stefanie Sourial and Denice Bourbon, they present insights into their current work on the fourth night, before La Grande Doris opens brut im Konzerthaus for her ultimate sweat-bathed performance party à la Uhlich.
Sunday is the day of rest, so accordingly, the beamers are activated in the bar and the public is invited for a walk down memory lane with a video marathon of the big hits of the first brut era, accompanied by coke and pizza.
Monday night kicks off with a class reunion with current and former colleagues and then the brut bar opens its doors with a farewell playback show featuring Sturzhelm Binder and gesterngirl.
The night before the grand finale has a performative line-up from alpha to omega in store: Oleg Soulimenko and Jasmin Hoffer premiere their musical Baby, united sorry and Theater im Bahnhof call on the Grim Reaper, les Rabtaldirndln are trés en vogue and Magdalena Chowaniec screams her heart out in the bar together with IDKLANG. Meanwhile the brut office accommodates Andrea Maurer’s Office of Farewell Matters and Joonas Lahtinen offers food for thought on the loo. Last but not least, the unpredictable God’s Entertainment sends the brut im Konzerthaus in exile.
At the grande grill finale everything approaches the inevitable end: Thomas Kasebacher and Laia Fabre flog the silverware at their auction Everything Must Go!, Michikazu Matsune reads farewell letters from the internet, Robert Steijn writes one himself, Anat Stainberg investigates speech as a physical act while Julius Deutschbauer toasts with champagne, the FOURDUMMIES are in charge of snapshots for later nostalgia, Frans Poelstra gets the audience in the mood with sentimental sounds and Theater im Bahnhof ask uncomfortable questions. In re-uniting SV Damenkraft/Gustav/Sissy Boy Tomka, the revival of Orlanding the Dominant as a concert draws the line all the way back to the origins of the queer focus in the brut programme and its first hit production. And after that, all there’s left to do is celebrate as if there was no tomorrow.
Our beloved audience deserves particular gratitude for approximately 210,000 visits to brut during the past eight years. Admission to all events in the grand finale is free. So far so brut!

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