27 January 2012

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Riina Maidre & Maike Lond


Österreichische Erstaufführung

“This evening is intended for women and dedicated to men! Natural clumsiness, unintentional slapstick, warm humour, and great quantities of charm await you with PostUganda.” Maike Lond and Riina Maidre

The concert performance by fine artist Maike Lond and performer Riina Maidre promises the victory of emo over empathy. The two drag several keyboards as well as apparently female accessoires onto the stage for this evening. In their self-composed and performed songs, the two artists deal with their relationship to themselves and their environments. To accomplish this they willingly put themselves into a state of hysteria and attempt to convince the audience with enigmatic irony that even the most embarrassing and generalising clichés about women, the fine arts, PMS hysteria, and the new Age of Aquarius all correspond to the truth. When one of the two, playing a drunken cowboy, sings a fantastically moving love song for her lover, she takes her exaggeration of the stereotypical concept of woman as lust object to such extremes that the whole thing transforms into an insignificant empty phrase before the audience’s eyes. Although the Estonians dress up the evening in the consumer-friendly format of their pop songs, PostUganda is not just a concert merely because songs are played over the evening and the audience applauds after them. Rather, PostUganda  is also a clever performance in which small and all-too human stories are told with every song. Not least, the evening also includes a soupçon of stand-up comedy when the pair start to improvise for all they’re worth together with the audience.

PostUganda is touring across Europe, and most recently could be seen at the SPIELART Festival in Munich.

Following PostUganda, 'fiber. werkstoff für feminismus und popkultur' [material for feminism and pop culture] will be opening up much more than just a musical, proliferating field of possibilities. Superheroes and superheroines invite you to perform, dance for the revolution, and deliver the appropriate texts for it. fiber is celebrating its tenth anniversary with their 20th issue on the topic of Superhero_ines – appearing in March 2012.

Text, music, direction, and performance Maike Lond, Riina Maidre With support of Taavet Jansen, Taavi Eelmaa Lighting Oliver Kulpsoo

A production of Von Krahl Teater. With kind support of Austria’s Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.

€ 6

Festival pass: € 35/25/20 with brutkarte*

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